2014 Data Center Real Estate Acquisitions Report – Year In Review

D A T A   C E N T E R S  R E A L   E S T A T E   A C Q U I S I T I O N S   R E P O R T

2014 Year In Review – Posted February 11, 2015

Data center real estate acquisition activity for the full year 2014 yielded at total of $1.148 Billion worth of transactions with 4,068,995 SF of data center real estate sold. This follows $1.292 Billion of transactions in 2013.   The transactions represent eighteen (18) data center real estate assets sold with an average sale price of $63,812,500 per transaction.

The largest transaction by price was the $211.7M acquisition made by Carter Validus for the Ascent Data Center in the Chicago market.   The largest transaction by size of data center was the 1.3 M SF carrier hotel data center located at 401 N. Broad in Philadelphia acquired by Netrality Properties.

Digital Realty Trust, historically having a large appetite for new acquisitions, acted as seller either outright or to a joint venture partner, as the company redirected its efforts in 2014.   Carter Validus, a mission critical REIT, and other private investment firms filled this acquisitions gap generating comparable total annual sales volume as 2013.   Other REITs not typically involved in the data center real estate market continue to look at the market for potential investments; However, REITs are being pressured to focus on core competency by shareholders so we do not see a big shift of new buyer competition from industrial, retail or other net leased REITs.

The data center real estate investment market remains very competitive for active buyer groups for strategically located assets with long term, good credit tenancy.   Fairly aggressive lending at low interest rates continue to provide attractive financing opportunities for new data center acquisitions.     Likewise, existing owners are refinancing assets at or near loan maturity taking some data center assets out of the potential investment pool.   Cap rates have edged below 7% for good credit, long term, single-tenant leases.   Investment opportunities lacking clear credit, shorter term leases and multi-tenant occupancy are typically trading in 7.5-9.0% cap rate range.

The data center real estate investment market continues to capture the macro trend of growth in data, storage, disaster recovery and the migration to the cloud.   New developments, upon partial or full stabilization, and corporate sale-leasebacks will continue to supply the market for investors.

Trend Spotting:   Corporations continue to migrate to the cloud either in whole or as part of a hybrid solution.   Data centers vacated resulting from this slow but certain migration offers value-add repositioning opportunities to investors and operators seeking cost savings and reasonably quick access to a growth or underserved market.

For the full report, please click:  2014 Data Center Real Estate Acquistions Report

For more information, please visit http://www.Five9sDigital.com.


About Five 9s Digital, LLC

Five 9s Digital is a data center real estate company offering data center development, investment sales, real estate advisory, and colocation and wholesale data center selection and procurement services. Five 9s Digital has been involved in the development and ownership of multiple mission critical facilities from single user build-to-suit facilities to multi-tenant data centers. Five 9s Digital brings a wealth of experience, background and expertise in providing solutions to the data center arena. Due to the specific and yet evolving requirements of mission critical end users in today’s world, Five 9s Digital is able to offer real solutions, real facilities, and real choices due its extensive and up-to-date knowledge base. Five 9s Digital is a Best Data Sites Certification Alliance™ member.
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