PROFILE: Two New Best Data Sites Certified™ Data Centers in North Carolina

August has been a busy month for Five 9s Digital and data center certification in North Carolina. Two new data centers have recently hit the market and achieved the exclusive Best Data Sites Certified™ status. Here we are going to profile both of the new data center opportunities.

Lenoir Powered Shell Data Center The Lenoir Powered Shell Data Center, the first of our two data centers to be profiled, is located in Caldwell County, North Carolina, just a few miles from Google’s massive data center campus. This pre-vetted region in Caldwell County is also home to a recently transacted Best Data Sites Certified™ data center. In June of 2013, CentriLogic acquired the data center from data center operator and hosting services provider Dacentec.

Lenoir Powered Shell Data Center

Lenoir Powered Shell Data Center

The existing 117,600 SF Lenoir Powered Shell Data Center is now Best Data Sites Certified™. High level features relevant to certification include abundant, low cost, scalable power provided by Duke Energy; diverse fiber connectivity; excellent water and sewer infrastructure; and a low natural disaster and man-made threat risk. Other factors include an acreage footprint that is prime for expansion, and a scalable source of power to suit end-user needs.

Triangle NC Data Center The second of our two data centers to profile is the Triangle NC Data Center, located in Cary, North Carolina. The existing 30,000 SF data center is located within the data center hub of North Carolina as a part of the Raleigh-Durham market, which is also home to the Research Triangle Park and another Best Data Sites Certified™ data center (Raleigh-Durham Data Center).

Triangle NC Data Center

Triangle NC Data Center

The Triangle NC Data Center, similar to the Lenoir Powered Shell Data Center, benefits from abundant, low cost, reliable power from Duke Energy. The data center also offers diverse fiber routes connecting to the facility, an excellent water and sewer infrastructure, and is located in a region empirically known for its low risk of natural disasters. The secured location is also at a very low risk of man-made threats.

Recent BDS Certified™ Data Center Transactions Towards the end of 2012, multiple Best Data Sites Certified™ data center properties transacted in the marketplace. In November, Bed Bath & Beyond purchased a 50,000 SF BDS Certified™ data center shell in Catawba County, North Carolina. DataChambers also purchased a certified data center in October in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina.

North Carolina data center operator and hosting services provider Dacentec Inc. retained the services of Five 9s Digital to represent them in the sale of their data center and operations. Their Lenoir, NC data center was BDS Certified™ in 2012 and, in June of 2013, the data center and operations were acquired in a deal by CentriLogic.

Best Data Sites Certification™ The data center site selection process can be a lengthy, costly, and inconsistent science. Best Data Sites Certification™ is a consolidated standards system whereby the strictest industry site selection requirements are used to evaluate potential data center sites and buildings within a weighted scoring matrix.

BDS Alliance™ and the BDS Standards™ The BDS Alliance™ is an independent board comprised of data center professionals and companies. The alliance is charged with the creation and continued evaluation and maintenance of the BDS Standards™. These standards are key to creating an efficient, reliable, and cost effective data center site selection evaluation process.

Certification and Economic Development Partnerships Over the past few years, data center recruitment efforts have become increasingly collaborative in nature. The same can be said for Best Data Sites Certification™. Economic development groups, land and building owners, and utilities companies have partnered together throughout the certification process, seeking to improve their region’s competitive advantage as it relates to landing new data center initiatives.

For more information on Certification, either of the profiled data centers mentioned in this article, or other data center opportunities, please contact Five 9s Digital.


About Five 9s Digital, LLC

Five 9s Digital is a data center real estate company offering data center development, investment sales, real estate advisory, and colocation and wholesale data center selection and procurement services. Five 9s Digital has been involved in the development and ownership of multiple mission critical facilities from single user build-to-suit facilities to multi-tenant data centers. Five 9s Digital brings a wealth of experience, background and expertise in providing solutions to the data center arena. Due to the specific and yet evolving requirements of mission critical end users in today’s world, Five 9s Digital is able to offer real solutions, real facilities, and real choices due its extensive and up-to-date knowledge base. Five 9s Digital is a Best Data Sites Certification Alliance™ member.
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