North Carolina Provides the Perfect Setting for Data Centers

North Carolina’s advantages as a location for data centers have earned the attention of an international audience once again. In an article for the influential tech blog GIGAom, Katie Fehrenbacher, explores the reasons North Carolina has become the popular place to build East Coast data centers. In the shadow of Facebook’s data center grand opening, it’s prudent to note they were by no means the first ones on the block. Facebook joined Apple, AT&T, Disney, EMC, Google, Wipro and others in their selection of the Tar Heel State for data center facilities…


To read the entire article, please click here.


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Five 9s Digital is a data center real estate company offering data center development, investment sales, real estate advisory, and colocation and wholesale data center selection and procurement services. Five 9s Digital has been involved in the development and ownership of multiple mission critical facilities from single user build-to-suit facilities to multi-tenant data centers. Five 9s Digital brings a wealth of experience, background and expertise in providing solutions to the data center arena. Due to the specific and yet evolving requirements of mission critical end users in today’s world, Five 9s Digital is able to offer real solutions, real facilities, and real choices due its extensive and up-to-date knowledge base. Five 9s Digital is a Best Data Sites Certification Alliance™ member.
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