North Carolina Data Centers

Data Center Powered Shell Spotlight:

For Sale or For Lease:

A 48,000 SF powered data shell completed in 2009 and recently utilized as a testing facility by Apple for its nearby ICloud data center.    The building boasts power of up to 120 MW, substantial water/sewer infrastructure, fiber connectivity, and pre-graded expansion pad.   

North Carolina is now home to some of the nation’s largest data centers including the recent announcements of Facebook, Apple’s ICloud Data Center, Disney, WiPro (InfoCrossing), Google and American Express creating a true “Data Center Hub.”   With the region’s low cost and highly reliable power infrastructure with Duke Energy, state and local economic incentives, and lack of natural disasters, North Carolina is just getting started in becoming a regional data center powerhouse.

For a list of pre-certified data center sites and powered shells, please visit


About Five 9s Digital, LLC

Five 9s Digital is a data center real estate company offering data center development, investment sales, real estate advisory, and colocation and wholesale data center selection and procurement services. Five 9s Digital has been involved in the development and ownership of multiple mission critical facilities from single user build-to-suit facilities to multi-tenant data centers. Five 9s Digital brings a wealth of experience, background and expertise in providing solutions to the data center arena. Due to the specific and yet evolving requirements of mission critical end users in today’s world, Five 9s Digital is able to offer real solutions, real facilities, and real choices due its extensive and up-to-date knowledge base. Five 9s Digital is a Best Data Sites Certification Alliance™ member.
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